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The Link Between Artisan & Modernity

At Meditmin , which stands for "MEDITerranean MINerals", we’re invested in building the future of farming for the good of all of us.

We want to make life for farmers as easy and comfortable as possible, regardless of the size of productions that they manage.

Multiple scientific studies show that many fruits, vegetables, and grains grown today carry less protein, calcium, phosphorus, iron, riboflavin, and vitamin C than those that were grown decades ago. With the switch that many people are doing towards a more plant-based diet, experts are increasingly recommending to nurture the soil that provides all these produce. 

Nutrient decline "is going to leave our bodies with fewer of the components they need to mount defences against chronic diseases", says David R. Montgomery, a professor of geomorphology at the University of Washington in Seattle and co-author with Anne Biklé of "What Your Food Ate".

With Meditmin we look at the sea to rescue all the minerals and trace-elements that once belonged to the land and got washed away. With the technology we are able to serve this nutritious compound in a way that provides a large array of benefits.

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