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Nanotechnology from ground up

MEDITMIN is a natural compound created with the seawater extract, in a very low level of sodium, with the objective to provide the nutrition that our soil needs in order to once again grow highly nutritious produce. The utilisation of the patent provides a scientific approach to this important and extensive work. 

Smart, Natural Fertiliser

Green Field

Same compound, released in 2 stages

MEDITMIN marries the application of the well-known marine therapy, utilising the ultra-concentrated seawater powder, with the latest advancement in natural nanotechnology systems. The result is the creation of a "Smart, Natural Fertiliser" that makes an impact the level of nutrition of the fertile soil. 

With a unique formulation and the application of the technology described in the patent, we achieve the "CISR effect" (Combine Immediate and Sustained Release). This system allows for an improved and controlled administration of the components of the product, since it combines two different formulation systems that allow two types of release of the active principles. 

Close Up of Corn Field
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